Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yawgmoth's Bargain & Niv-Mizzet FTW!!!
and all of this in the cube..........

well the cube is made of the best 50 cards of each color including lands multicolored and artifacts.
and the entire cube should cost bout close to $5000
it of coz includes Black Lotus, Moxes and uber funny cards like Survival of the Fittest , platinum angel
and Izzet Guildmage...
so this is what happens
u get "boosters" of this uber cards
and do ur usual draft business except with a heck load of reading and saying "wat the"
to every weird and wonderful permanents and spells made by Wizards...
and the best part is... ver here it's free to play YAY
more information of this cube see

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RESUSCITATION!!!! beep beep

Halo weird enough people to look upon a very dead blog.. never been very alive anyway..
i suck at writing... anywez the new Panic! at the disco is SO TIMID!!! gosh!!! the contrast sheesh.. well anyways i write to tell of a story inspired by a conversation i had with a friend

i looked out of the barred window and saw the assembly of the grass..
today is a big day for the dandelion and the morning glory for they joust for the love of the lily..
and there will be great cheering from the wild bumble bees.
whilst the great oak looks down from a distance gently giggling at the theatrics of the flowers.
the lily shies away timidly back into the hollow of the great oak for she never took pleasure in witnessing the clash of masculine ego.
her heart belonged to the humming bird
yet the humming bird was busy flirting with all the other flowers to actually notice the lily's feelings
but the humming birds was halted by the sunflower for the joust between the dandelion and the morning glory was to start soon
the dandelion mounted on his brilliant white lab rat and the morning glory on a brilliant butterfly.
this was a fight to the death.
all the flowers in the valley took their places around the arena and the bumble bees swarmed in over the arena and filled it with shadows.
not letting a glimpse of light through.
the stage is set
the morning glory held a pike from the rose.. it gave an aura of agony coated with the pain of all the morning glory's former foes
the dandelion unsheathed a divine sword that came from above.
the sword glimmered in the darkened arena. it didn't come with a handle but a oval opening made at the end. it was beautiful.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

cheap trick with weird commentary by me!

i sound like mr. bean

Saturday, November 10, 2007

death note inspired